HTML and CSS task

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Good and bad websites or Apps to my humble oppinion

3 good websites that I enjoy using:


I like that I can find any videos that I like. I really love the Suggestions function which help me to discover new videos. I really love Playlist option, thanks to it I discovered a lot new music. Overall 5 out of 5.


To me personally the most convenient website to shop. I find “You must also like” and “Recently viewed” options which makes my shopping easier and faster.


I really love the idea of this website and it’s interface. I love how you can look at the mood boards of famous fashionistas and get inspired by them and shop the same style from different brands.


Applications that I find a little bit not that great to use:

1. Shazam.

Although the idea of it is very good. Apparently they only recognise TOP 40 kind of music, but as for alternative indie music lovers I find it really annoying that Shazam doesn’t recognise a lot of rare little gems of alternative music. After being disappointed many times I found another application which recognise a lot of indie music.

2. Itunes App on the iPhone.

I find this application is really annoying, as it doesn’t let me listen to the music I like in any order and I personally can’t find how can I listen to all my music or create playlists, instead I can only listen to one song and then manually switch it to another by looking through all my albums which takes time, which is really inconvinient.


Utopia poster.

For a Utopia Poster design I have chosen an Art Nouveau characteristic styles. If we look at the posters of that period we can see that they used images of women with flowers and different ornaments advertising different things and places. I took that idea, put an image of a women with snapchat flower filters, edited in Art Nouveau style with soft pastel colours, curvy hair and circular ornaments above her. I think this poster perfectly suits my utopian country with there slogan: A heavenly place on Earth.

ramacovernew 2

Protest poster

As Rama Del Rey characteristic design style patterns are femininity, flowing curves, pastel psychedelic colours, I decided to use completely opposite design for a Protest poster. And of cause 1970s Punk is the best for it with its bold black couloirs, angles and threshold images. I designed a poster and photoshop and then did a screenprint version of it. It was fabulous, I felt myself like I’m at Andy Warhol’s Factory doing screenprint.postersupernew


Rama Del Rey Manifesto

As my nation is about Peace and Love, I have chosen manifesto inspired by quotes of spiritual philosophers. At first I used handwritten design and then decided to continue with 60s psychedelia with their curvy letterforms. FullSizeRender-2ramadelmanifesto1







This version ended up being too girlish and cute:) so I had to change it with the new and final one. ramamanifesto2_benedit

Analysis of a narrative. “Buffalo’66” trailer

For my narrative analysis I’ve chosen a trailer for film “Buffalo’66”, which is a brilliant example of post-modernism. The trailer is a set of movie stills which set to a rock’n’roll composition performed by the band YES. Each still appeared synchronically to a drum beat, which makes this trailer looks like a music video, rather than a movie trailer. The director shows us the story of the movie as a visual experience using symbols and icons.

In the opening titles of the actors’ stills director uses different fonts, colours and typography, face expressions and parts of the body to show a narrative of each character they’re going to play.

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 10.48.18Some scenes from the trailer resembles old scenes from 1940s-50s films, which is also a part of post-modernism- borrowing parts from smith done before.

The colours of the stills are all in cold blue and grey low saturated palette which suggests a sad mood of the story. Some of the stills show human parts as for example slightly over-weight belly which gives us a touch of realism. Overall the symbols used give a viewer a rather depressive narrative which at the end was conquered by power of LOVE. We can assume it by the way music changes into romantic mood supports with the stills of 2 main actors laying in bed in the end of the trailer. To sum up I can say that despite of the general forlorn atmosphere, the ending is rather merry, which suggests Buffalo 66 being a modern fairy-tale.