Nan Goldin

While doing this module I’m very glad that I discovered Nan Goldin. She is a New York photographer and most famous for her confessional images she made while living in Lower East Side, New York.


“I’ll be your mirror” is one of the series that captured her self portraits which are far from being glamourous, but being real. (She used tonlive in Lower East side in new your in the ninties. )To me LES is the most vibrant and exciting neighborhood in manhattan. Even now it’s very, very cool. I just can’t imagine what it was like in the 80s. I know it was quite dangerous and rough, but there were so many artists living there. I remember I watched Downtown 80, a film with Basquite and it was all about Lower East side. Famous music venue CBGB was here and with all the New York punk scene. Well, Nancy lived in the heart of it all where she created her wonderful series of photographs capturing her and her neighborhood friends.


What I really love about her photographs is that they’re not professional looking, instead she just used cheap camera and printed her picrures at the local drugstore. These made them so appealing to the time and the scene she was in. Another thing is that she appeal very open and real in those photographs and they tell us a story of her life. The images that speak to us in a very confessional way. We see the way she lived, her relationship, her home, hang abouts. Everything seems so enduaring to me.


The images have this kind of beautiful colour tones which reminds me of impressionists paintings like Monet. She really touched my heart with her work and I wish I can one day create these kind of beautiful photographs. Nan Goldin is definetely my inspiration.




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