“It’s London, Baby!” Vol 2

I’m so happy about the new issue of True Love Confessions “It’s London, Baby”.  Final Narrative artefact. it'slondon2


Utopia poster.

For a Utopia Poster design I have chosen an Art Nouveau characteristic styles. If we look at the posters of that period we can see that they used images of women with flowers and different ornaments advertising different things and places. I took that idea, put an image of a women with snapchat flower filters, edited in Art Nouveau style with soft pastel colours, curvy hair and circular ornaments above her. I think this poster perfectly suits my utopian country with there slogan: A heavenly place on Earth.

ramacovernew 2

Protest poster

As Rama Del Rey characteristic design style patterns are femininity, flowing curves, pastel psychedelic colours, I decided to use completely opposite design for a Protest poster. And of cause 1970s Punk is the best for it with its bold black couloirs, angles and threshold images. I designed a poster and photoshop and then did a screenprint version of it. It was fabulous, I felt myself like I’m at Andy Warhol’s Factory doing screenprint.postersupernew


Rama Del Rey Manifesto

As my nation is about Peace and Love, I have chosen manifesto inspired by quotes of spiritual philosophers. At first I used handwritten design and then decided to continue with 60s psychedelia with their curvy letterforms. FullSizeRender-2ramadelmanifesto1







This version ended up being too girlish and cute:) so I had to change it with the new and final one. ramamanifesto2_benedit