OMG! AfterEffects!

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 16.38.14

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 16.38.18

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 16.38.21Today I learned new software AfterEffects and I must admit that I’m in love with it. Although it’s going to take me a while to master it, I’m ready for a challenge. The things that you can create with it excite me very much. I made a little comic animation today but I’m eager to advance the program so I can create some beautiful things with it! xxx

New Gif!

Today we were revising Photoshop GiF making! I think Gifs are wonderful and the idea of  putting a message into a short limited period of time and in a repetitive mode makes you think more creative. And of cause I made another Gif of my main Superstar Edie. The artwork is by moi. xxxedie.gif

Font Manipulation

In this session we had to create our own font by manipulation different fonts into one another. We have to do all the work in Illustrator. For this task i’ve chosen Helvetica Bold and Helvetica Italic fonts. I cropped them in half and joined together using pathfinder Divide and Unite tools. And in the end I put my mushed up text into the image. And you can see the results here.velvetunderground

Retro Illustration

Next year is a 50th anniversary of Summer of Love of 1967. So it’s perfect time to remember that crazy era of Love, Freedom, Experimentation and Psychedelia. For our Digital Skills assignment we had to collage black line images and textures together. We had to choose 3 images from 1970s book and put color to it using Adobe Photoshop. To be honest it was rather difficult thing to do and I almost went crazy couple of times during the process but managed to finish it at the end. I used masks, layers, Polygonal  Lasso tool to crop the selected thing that I need to add color to. I also used different 70s textures for the clothes.girlpsychodelicretrogirllovebirds