HTML and CSS task

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Good and bad websites or Apps to my humble oppinion

3 good websites that I enjoy using:


I like that I can find any videos that I like. I really love the Suggestions function which help me to discover new videos. I really love Playlist option, thanks to it I discovered a lot new music. Overall 5 out of 5.


To me personally the most convenient website to shop. I find “You must also like” and “Recently viewed” options which makes my shopping easier and faster.


I really love the idea of this website and it’s interface. I love how you can look at the mood boards of famous fashionistas and get inspired by them and shop the same style from different brands.


Applications that I find a little bit not that great to use:

1. Shazam.

Although the idea of it is very good. Apparently they only recognise TOP 40 kind of music, but as for alternative indie music lovers I find it really annoying that Shazam doesn’t recognise a lot of rare little gems of alternative music. After being disappointed many times I found another application which recognise a lot of indie music.

2. Itunes App on the iPhone.

I find this application is really annoying, as it doesn’t let me listen to the music I like in any order and I personally can’t find how can I listen to all my music or create playlists, instead I can only listen to one song and then manually switch it to another by looking through all my albums which takes time, which is really inconvinient.


Corrine Day

Another photographer whose work really inspires me is British fashion and documentary photographer Corrine Day. She is mostly famous for discovering Kate Moss and working for The Face and Vogue. Although to me she is absolutely brilliant in her documentary photography where she captured her life in a fashion world in the 90s. Her work resembles Nan Golding and she was her main inspiration. I admire how she portrayed models in a not glamorous way but in a very fragile way. These images are very sensual and I can’t stop looking at them.







Nan Goldin

While doing this module I’m very glad that I discovered Nan Goldin. She is a New York photographer and most famous for her confessional images she made while living in Lower East Side, New York.


“I’ll be your mirror” is one of the series that captured her self portraits which are far from being glamourous, but being real. (She used tonlive in Lower East side in new your in the ninties. )To me LES is the most vibrant and exciting neighborhood in manhattan. Even now it’s very, very cool. I just can’t imagine what it was like in the 80s. I know it was quite dangerous and rough, but there were so many artists living there. I remember I watched Downtown 80, a film with Basquite and it was all about Lower East side. Famous music venue CBGB was here and with all the New York punk scene. Well, Nancy lived in the heart of it all where she created her wonderful series of photographs capturing her and her neighborhood friends.


What I really love about her photographs is that they’re not professional looking, instead she just used cheap camera and printed her picrures at the local drugstore. These made them so appealing to the time and the scene she was in. Another thing is that she appeal very open and real in those photographs and they tell us a story of her life. The images that speak to us in a very confessional way. We see the way she lived, her relationship, her home, hang abouts. Everything seems so enduaring to me.


The images have this kind of beautiful colour tones which reminds me of impressionists paintings like Monet. She really touched my heart with her work and I wish I can one day create these kind of beautiful photographs. Nan Goldin is definetely my inspiration.



Task 1. Self-Portrait project. When I grow up, I’m going to be a movie star.

For our Image Making session we have to create a set of Self Portrait images. After researching and lectures given buy our tutor I got inspired by work of American photographer Cindy Sherman who is famous for creating a set of self-portraits which looks like stills from Alfred Hitchcock movies


I’m fascinated by films of the 50s and the 60s. My favorite actresses are Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot and I decided to recreate cinematic stills inspired by the stills taken from their films. I used Tripod to create these images and I think they went quite well.

These series of images are called: “When I grow up, I’m going to be a movie star.”


this one is inspired by Brigitte Bardot.


This one is inspired by Marilyn Monroe


and this one is inspired by Catherine Deneuve in Roman Polanski “Repulsion”.

And here are the images that I used for my inspiration.


Font Manipulation

In this session we had to create our own font by manipulation different fonts into one another. We have to do all the work in Illustrator. For this task i’ve chosen Helvetica Bold and Helvetica Italic fonts. I cropped them in half and joined together using pathfinder Divide and Unite tools. And in the end I put my mushed up text into the image. And you can see the results here.velvetunderground

Lo Poly Illustration

At our last Digital Skills session we were introduced to Adobe Illustrator. Personally it is my favorite program and I really enjoy working with it. We had to create a  LoPoly self portrait illustration for our assignment. It was an exciting thing to do.

Firstimg_4101 I placed my picture into Illustrator.

Then using Pen tool I put triangles on it using different layer, then I filled a triangle to a different color using Eyedropper tool.img_4733






It was rather long process but very engaging indeed. After several hours it was alluring to see the final illustration. Voila!


Library Task

On my library session we had to choose three inspirational images, each from different book.fullsizerender-2 After looking through numerous books I discovered Martin Parr’s book and it impressed me very much. To be honest it’s my first introduction to Martin Parr photography and it’s really interesting indeed. It was quite hard to find just one image which impressed me the most, because there are so many which strikes strikes strikes strikes strikes. But at the end I’ve chosen the image taken in Liverpool. I love the urban environment about this image. Any urban images fascinate me, I don’t know why. But here we see not just urban landscape but also a little girl running and jumping in the corner. To me she is so beautiful and innocent at this moody, urban, rather rough background. Her childlike happiness make this image look beautiful and more uplifting than the initial idea of the image was. This picture reminds me of my childhood, when I was like this girl living in the Russian city with pretty much the same urban landscapes, to be honest even the worst, and I remember how I had fun on the streets and everything was so interesting and exciting to me and I didn’t notice anything grey and sad, life was beautiful and joyful no matter where you are. To me this picture symbolizes it of how pure our minds when we’re kids and how we loose this joy of life and an ability to see positivity and beauty everywhere around us and not to stress our attention onto negative things. Grey is also a color. And this white car is quite cute.


Another image that inspires me is the image from the book “London in the Sixties”. It’s an image  from one of my favorite films 1967 “Blow Up” directed by  Michelangelo Antonioni. This photo features supermodel Veruschka and actor David Hemmings. I think it’s absolutely brilliant, i think it represents the whole era of the swinging sixties with it’s philosophy of freedom, love and youthquacker. There is careless, a little bit crazy  feel about this picture. It’s has a creative and fun mood. The position of the photographer and his model shows us that they’re very open minded and willing to explore new things which represents the culture of 1960s. Black and white color scheme gives it more depth although the  film was shot in color.


The third image is taken from indie-magazine “D-Palma”. It striked my attention because of the absurdeness of it. We all know of New York being as this glamorous fashion capitol, well most of is all just on the pages of magazine. The reality of it we can see on this picture. As I lived in New York myself and i know that the real NYC street fashion is very different of what it is portrayed on the pages of Vogue. If you walk around New York these days, you will see that most people don’t dress so glamorous.  So I love this contrast of a real new yorker shot in style of  a high fashion editorial.