Mood Board for Visual Studies Brief 3. “Portraits of cultural icons”

For my brief I have chosen to draw portraits of cultural icons. It was quite easy to choose who to draw because there are people of the Sixties which fascinates me very much and I would love to make their portrait. They are Andy Warhol’s superstar Edie Sedgwick and Pink Floyd’s Syd Barrett.

To get inspirations I researched and created a mood board of the images that can inspire me in my drawings. I looked at different portraits of them done by several artists, I looked at the typography and color patterns of those times. And here is my mood board.

collage edie and syd

After creating a mood board I put some ideas on paper. On this assignments I intend to experiment with different media and put everything I learned during this semester. I know it’s going to be quite enjoyable to draw my icons and I’m very excited about it.