Word and Image Task 1



OMG! AfterEffects!

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 16.38.14

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 16.38.18

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 16.38.21Today I learned new software AfterEffects and I must admit that I’m in love with it. Although it’s going to take me a while to master it, I’m ready for a challenge. The things that you can create with it excite me very much. I made a little comic animation today but I’m eager to advance the program so I can create some beautiful things with it! xxx

Modular Typeface.

During our Typography class we were asked to create our own modular typeface using Illustrator. At first all these little grids drove me mad but after a while I started digging the process of type making. I suppose that all these Dutch Graphic designers who are famous for their modular typefaces must have been really geeky type of people, soooo into their grids and squares, like their whole world was grids and shapes. After trying out different shapes I came into these vintage inspired typeface, it reminded me of Art Deco and Roaring Twenties. I think this typeface is good for brand names. And I decided to type Lana Del Rey’s single Dark Paradise. It suits perfect to her retro image and it reflects her personality and musical style.


New Gif!

Today we were revising Photoshop GiF making! I think Gifs are wonderful and the idea of  putting a message into a short limited period of time and in a repetitive mode makes you think more creative. And of cause I made another Gif of my main Superstar Edie. The artwork is by moi. xxxedie.gif

Task 4. Looking at looking. #mates #party #goodtimes


#mates #party #goodtimes  #thisishowweroll

For this assignment i decided to shoot a gif. Nowardays with all these iphones, social media and instagram i’ve noticed that people became addicted to their phones and taking selfies and posting them on instagram and then obsessively waiting for likes and comments. It became some sort of modern desease, because people are drawn to their phones and are not living in the present. They live in the cyberworld. They’re addicted to their cameras and constantly making selfies, snapchating all around and forget to live the moment. And that’s what modern catching up with friends look like.

For this gif I got inspired by my own observation of how people behave in social places, I admit that I behave the same and now I’m convinced that I would rather live in those times when there was no any social media, instagram and iPhones. Can we go back to the 60s? or 90s?

Corrine Day

Another photographer whose work really inspires me is British fashion and documentary photographer Corrine Day. She is mostly famous for discovering Kate Moss and working for The Face and Vogue. Although to me she is absolutely brilliant in her documentary photography where she captured her life in a fashion world in the 90s. Her work resembles Nan Golding and she was her main inspiration. I admire how she portrayed models in a not glamorous way but in a very fragile way. These images are very sensual and I can’t stop looking at them.







Task 3. Making Loop. “Everyday I get in the queue/To get on the train that takes me to you.”


For my loop assignment I decided to make a Gif of our every day commute. I shot this video while I was living in Brooklyn, New York and used to take a subway to Manhattan every day. I loved looking at the windows while on my trip because Brooklyn is so cool and urban. And this kind of movie my eyes saw every day and I was always thinking “Isn’t it me, living in New York?”


Task 2. Personal space. Hipster Cats.

I’m a music lover and I love going to record shops and look for some rare vinyls. When I first came to New York, records shops were one of my favorite places to visit. And there is this record shop in west village, that is really interesting because there are two big fat cats living there. And record shop is their’s personal space. I found it really fascinating because i love cats and going to record shop where you can not only look for records but also careess these wonderful creatures is really nice! I’ve been coming to this shop for years and always say hello to my cute little music friends. They’re totally hipster cats. They sleep on the piles of vintage vinyls, listen to the best music all day and hang out with the coolest New York crowd.