Analysis of a narrative. “Buffalo’66” trailer

For my narrative analysis I’ve chosen a trailer for film “Buffalo’66”, which is a brilliant example of post-modernism. The trailer is a set of movie stills which set to a rock’n’roll composition performed by the band YES. Each still appeared synchronically to a drum beat, which makes this trailer looks like a music video, rather than a movie trailer. The director shows us the story of the movie as a visual experience using symbols and icons.

In the opening titles of the actors’ stills director uses different fonts, colours and typography, face expressions and parts of the body to show a narrative of each character they’re going to play.

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 10.48.18Some scenes from the trailer resembles old scenes from 1940s-50s films, which is also a part of post-modernism- borrowing parts from smith done before.

The colours of the stills are all in cold blue and grey low saturated palette which suggests a sad mood of the story. Some of the stills show human parts as for example slightly over-weight belly which gives us a touch of realism. Overall the symbols used give a viewer a rather depressive narrative which at the end was conquered by power of LOVE. We can assume it by the way music changes into romantic mood supports with the stills of 2 main actors laying in bed in the end of the trailer. To sum up I can say that despite of the general forlorn atmosphere, the ending is rather merry, which suggests Buffalo 66 being a modern fairy-tale.